Launched an online speech and debate coaching company targeting high school students. Students from more than 50 schools across the country have used our program.     Videos are now available for free on youtube, and our social media sites are still live. I also captured emails on our site to run email marketing campaigns; below are some emails we have sent out in the past. We ran A/B testing on subject lines and tracked click through rates.   Tools & Skills: Built WordPress site with widgets, short codes, and by watching […]


While working at Zimmerman Advertising, this project aimed to bring a national Nissan campaign into local dealerships. Ideas included showing off cars, washing dogs, crane machines, technical tricks, and interactive quizzes. Campaigns extend beyond television and YouTube videos, becoming integrated in stores and at every customer touch point.


In this project you will discover in-store radio ads, an introduction to a comic series and reactionary tweets. Tweets (2): Within hours of Absolut Vodka’s contagious kissing ad about equal love made the feature article on the home page of Adweek, I drafted response tweets for Aubio.   In-Store Radio :30 (3) Version 1 Kid: Hey mom what’s that thing on your face? Man : Lady I think you have a problem with your lip Jill: Oh my gosh Liz you got ANOTHER cold sore? Cold sore: I’m baaaaaaAaAAaAaAAack Woman: […]