Facebook Has Signed NFL Highlights To Its Fantasy Team

“Facebook has signed a monster global deal to distribute NFL highlights” – Business Insider   In this deal, the NFL will post video recaps from each of the 256 regular season games, playoffs, and Super Bowl to Facebook. NFL Films, the league’s specialty media division, will provide content for Facebook’s growing watch tabs, NFLTurningPoint, NFLSoundFX, and NFL Game Recaps. As a week 3 Fantasy Football went into the final hours during Monday night’s Cowboys vs Cardinals game, my undefeated record was on the line. Without cable, I was left refreshing updates […]

Move That Bus! Follow Along If You Are Hungry…

In Belgium, Burger King doesn’t reign…but it comes pretty damn close! In fact, Burger King Brussels recently dropped “King” from their logo after a narrow defeat in an open poll asking visitors, “Who is the king?” After angering the Belgian monarchy who claimed, “We are not amused,” Burger King Brussels set a Whopper Bus loose. The bus took people to Burger King’s one restaurant as you can watch in the quick clip below. The Whopper Bus was an act of goodwill. The first campaign didn’t go over too well with […]

A Story On Instagram Stories

Sit down and let me tell you a story about what Instagram has been up to lately. After Snapchat invented the idea of 24 hour stories, Instagram swooped in and copied it real quick. Then they beat Snapchat at their own game. It’s only been a little over a year since Instagram stories first launched in August of 2016, but with over 200 million daily active users, it takes Snapchat’s 161 million DAU by storm. There’s much more Snapchat is up to currently. Founder and Editor-in-Chief of We are Social […]

Millennials Are Killing Apps With Uncool Design

We’re really just killing everything nowadays. Check this one out. Looks matter, and to millennial smartphone users, they matter a lot more. Remember when Instagram came out with the new design? Yeah. They were onto something. According to Comscore’s annual mobile app report, millennials will delete apps if they don’t like how it looks on their screen. While Gen Xers were generally more forgiving, with only about 2% removing apps due to aesthetics, millennials were much more cutthroat, 21% of uninstalling apps due to logo appearance. Senior Comscore marketing analyst, […]

How To Use Content Marketing To Break Through Clutter

Every minute, 1440 blog posts are written with WordPress and 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Nearly any “how to” idea you can think of has already been posted. Give it a shot. Go to google, and type in “how to _______?” Fill in the blank with the weirdest idea you could create, and it’s likely out there. The problem you are facing is how to create different content. Create content that answers this question: Who is the content for? If it’s for you or your business, try again. Other […]

Cricket Wireless and John Cena. I’m not crying, you are crying…

With a native Facebook video garnering over 82 million views (and counting), John Cena and Cricket Wireless have brought millions of people to tears. They even have nearly 3 million more views on youtube which you can watch below. Creative agency Shareability turned the tables on John Cena, surprising him with tear jerking stories of fans who’s lives have changes because of John Cena’s “never give up” message. After reading letters from fans, Cricket Wireless sure does give you something to smile about. 

Instagram vs. Snapchat Among Young Millennials

At first glance, Snapchat seems like it’s hit a wall. While the company is still growing, it’s increase in number of daily users has definitely slowed down. Then their stock dropped 20%. Despite this, Snap is still dominating in one category: young U.S. millennials. Youtube and Facebook took first and second. Snapchat placed third. Instagram was down at number five. Upon analyzing, Recode’s Kurt Wagner, detailed that report came only days after predicting Snapchat will be bigger than Facebook and Instagram in the U.S. by the end of 2017 among […]

Fake Instagram Influencers Are Deceiving Brands

We’ve all known “finstas” to be the latest social trend. Some users are branching off and creating “sadstas” to document posts even more exclusive than a simple “finsta.” However, there’s a new “finsta” brands and marketing agencies should be aware about, fake Instagram influencers. With over $1 billion being spent on Instagram influencers in 2017, Mediakix, one of the worlds leading influencer marketing agencies, ran a case study to prove whether or not fake accounts could land sponsorship deals. They landed four.   @calibeachgirl310 was created using the content of […]

Heinz #FoodPorn IRL

Remember when #Foodporn was the hottest social craze? Despite it’s slight decline in novelty, Heinz has found a way to capitalize on the driving force behind our desire to double tap that sexy sandwich. They replaced the double tap, with an up-swipe. Oh yeah. Africa – a creative agency in Brazil – imagined a new campaign to promote Heinz’s condiments, “Irresistible Posts.” Heinz used specific geotargeting in optimized locations to launch this campaign, ensuring drooling users will receive a meal as fresh as the #foodporn they tapped. Swiping up on […]

6 Takeaways From “Made to Stick”

Authors Chip Heath & Dan Heath sure wrote an incredible book applicable for teachers, advertisers, storytellers, and anybody else with a message they’re trying to convey. There are 6 core ideas you need for SUCCESS. Simplicity. Unexpectedness. Concreteness. Credibility. Emotional. Stories. Chip & Dan use questions to give readers an idea of the type of content to expect in each section. I’ll provide both the questions, and answers, saving you some valuable reading time you could actually spend reading this book because it would be worth it. 1. Simplicity.  “How do you […]

Why Emotion Precedes Logic

For DECADES marketers and researchers have been conducting polls, surveys and questionnaires either online, over the phone, or face to face, etc. However, newfound research in neuromarketing has been suggesting what people say is only a logical rationalization of how they feel, and since humans are emotional beings and acting on instinct precedes logic, simply asking a sample – or even a population in its’ entirety- is no longer the most accurate strategy for conducting consumer research. While online research methods likely comprise the majority the cheapest research methods, fMRIs along […]

Why Emphasizing Your Brand’s Position is Essential For Your Brand’s Success

A Response To The Classic Novel: Positioning by Al Ries & Jack Trout I get it now. Positioning. Positioning happens in the mind of the consumer, no where else. To successfully position oneself, whether a product, idea, person, etc., you must have a dependent to position against. Think football players. If you had one player standing in an empty field, he isn’t doing anything. Add an opposing player standing in front of him, and the two now have relative positions. The battle in our minds begin. Do we want the […]

Darth Vader Super Bowl Ad

“This changes the long-held belief that the role of the ‘creative idea’ in advertising is to gain attention. Instead, the ‘creative’ parts of an ad can serve to help lower our defenses and cause us to pay less attention to the message, not more…” – Daryl Weber “Brand Seduction” When Volkswagon first launched their infamous Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial (as shown below), they shattered their audiences expectations, not-so-forcefully. While Darth Vader may have mastered the Force, VW has mastered cognitive dissonance. The first expectation of ours they break is […]

How Changing Your Paradigm Can Grow Your Business

This post is a direct response to Danielle Sacks’ 2010 article, “The Future of Advertising” nearly 6 years later. There’s no doubt the advertising world is changing, our entire world is rapidly evolving every second at speeds that used to be deemed unfathomable. The article basically details how trends in advertising are evolving, and a lot of people are falling behind. The article gives them excuses, saying that because the advertising industry is changing people are out of jobs. I disagree. I think those people are either too lazy, close minded, or unequipped […]

Why Your Business Needs To Talk

Time travel? Sounds fun! How about back to 2009 when Christopher Locke, David “Doc” Searls, David Weinberger, and Rick Levine collaborated to create “The Cluetrain Manifesto” with a long list of 95 Theses. “Paranoia kills conversation. That’s its point. But lack of open conversation kills companies.” – The Cluetrain Manifesto Humans are creatures of habit, led by emotions. Our brains don’t want to work. They want to keep you alive, fed, and reproducing. Thinking just gets in the way. Thinking is the first cause of paranoia. Being scared, being afraid, not knowing […]

6 Books For Your Summer Reading List

  “I never read much until I started reading. I haven’t stopped since.” 6. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson   5. The Marketing Blueprint by Jules Marcoux 4. Trust Me I’m Lying Big by Ryan Holiday 3. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves   2. Unconscious Branding by Douglas Van Praet   1. The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell    

Tips To Push Yourself

Sometimes you just need to put the blinders on. Live in the moment, but keep your eyes on the target. Know what you’re chasing after and hold it in front of you. Take your time finishing this chapter. Read every word with an internalized understanding of what they mean. Each word is just a word. How you interpret it is how you personalize it. What are you trying to accomplish in your life that you’ve been procrastinating? You know you can get your work done, but you don’t want to. […]

About Always True

Why Always True?   AT – Welcome To The Movement from Always True Lifestyle Co. on Vimeo. Always True aspires to motivate individuals driven to change the world. They’ve developed a “lifestyle… that allow[s] you to be who you truly are…” Always True is a movement for those who want to change the status quo, and for those who believe anything is possible. “A lifestyle that allows you to be who you truly are.” Always True, the stage name for Brandon Howard,  was passionate about making music, was a rapper on […]