A Look at the New and Improved Snapchat

Snapchat finally released what their redesigned app is going to look like. The redesign is supposed to launch December 4th, but it will actually be launched earlier in certain test markets. As Evan Spiegal, CEO of Snap Inc. says, their new design has finally “separated the social from the media.” When the app opens, it starts with the camera like before. On the left, are only for things relating to your friends. All of your friends’ messages and stories will be in one place. An even bigger change, is that […]

How to Optimize Voice Search

Man talking into phone

Voice search has been a hot topic lately, and for good reason. The largest living target market, millennials, are already using voice-operated devices in their everyday lives. 37 percent of millennials “‘always or ‘often’ shop online via voice-controlled devices” and “43 percent made a purchase using voice in the past year” as reported by Search Engine Land. To optimize voice search for the web, businesses must create relevant content for consumers, utilize more long-tail keywords, and clearly mark their locations if they have one. Creating relevant content is important because […]