Why Ted’s Pain Cream Ad Stars Greg, Whose Name Didn’t Make It On The Product

Note: Ted’s Pain Cream was created by both Ted and Greg. Ted’s Pain Cream claims to “outsmart pain on a molecular level.” If only it could outsmart Greg’s pain of having his name left off of the product. Strategically renaming the product “Ted’s Pain Cream” from “Resveratech,” Kickstand creative director […]

What You Can Learn From This Power Company’s Digital Strategy

Interactive is available at https://loveyourhome.orsted.com With the United States the only damn country who’s government denounces climate change despite a recent contradicting comprehensive report acknowledging human activity as the dominant cause that only the New York Times is talking about, we’re going to look towards international power companies for our innovative green […]

London-Based Agency Uses A Pair Of Jeans To Send A Powerful Message

PIECE OF US/PIECE OF ASS By: Uncreative, The Agency Creatives: Villy Devlioti & Ada Alti Before the #metoo began trending on twitter and extending to other social platforms, Tarana Burke created the campaign as a grassroots movement in 2007 to reach sexual assault survivors in underprivileged communities as she explains to Ebony this past […]